Introducing Glucema®

Non-invasive Diabetes Testing and Monitoring

The first and only point-of-care saliva test for diabetes monitoring

Salient Features of Glucema® Test

Easy to use non-invasive test

5-10 minutes to read from a drop of saliva

Test once every 7-14 days

Provides quick estimate of recent average glucose levels to monitor treatment

Advantages Over Current Tests

Short-term index provides more rapid indication of therapy efficacy than 3 to 4-month period reflected by HbA1c

Unlike other short-term parameters such as fructosamine or 1,5-AG, the non-invasive, saliva-based Glucema POC test does not require a blood sample or a clinical laboratory

One drop of saliva can now monitor and test for Type 2 diabetes.

Introducing the first and only point-of-care saliva test for diabetes monitoring

How it Works:

Glucema® measures sugars on saliva proteins that reflect blood glucose levels

The levels of glycosylated proteins in saliva are increased by elevated blood glucose levels and are reduced following a decrease in blood glucose levels.*
*Rao PV et al. J. Diabetes Sci. Tech. 9:97-104, 2015

Glucema® uses specific chemistry to detect the carbohydrate component of salivary glycoproteins.

Glucema® provides a short-term estimated average blood glucose level for the previous 7-10 days

Blood Glucose Monitoring and Salivary Glycosylation

About the Reader

Our reader is a first-of-its-kind, quantitative, hand-held reader that incorporates real-time test data acquisition and transfer to mobile devices.

Not FDA Approved
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In response to COVID-19 pandemic, Diabetomics is leveraging its oral fluid rapid test technology to develop a home use SARS-CoV-2 antibody test.
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